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Why I Love Teaching Yoga to CEO

Оригинал взят у irini_gemini в Why I Love Teaching Yoga to CEO

They are conscious about what they are doing and put all of them into it. Commitment defines them. They would never ever say I tried and I can’t do it, they will try, try again, try harder and eventually do it. Of course I'm not talking about some acrobatic stunts I would not be able to perform myself, but about some reachable goals like becoming stronger, more flexible and balanced. And yes, we will eventually do some crazy things which look like stunts, too.

They will not complain that we are repeating same postures again and again, like plank pose for example, because they know that discipline is the key to success and progress comes when you repeat the same action again and again until you get the best of it.

They pay you good money. I’ve tried all possible ways of teaching and giving yoga classes: as charity, as community service, as an exchange, volunteering, and I have to confess all these yoga classes went in vain. When people don’t pay, they don’t appreciate it. They don’t value your time, your effort, the knowledge that you share and your work in general.

They are highly educated and hugely intellectual, so I can share and discuss some philosophical aspects of yoga as well.

As much as you encourage them through yoga to challenge themselves and try something new, they encourage me to expand my consciousness, too and have different prospective on many aspects of life.